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At PRINTS, the most critical investment is in education itself: the most qualified and dedicated staff, the most effective pedagogical material, and, most uniquely, a dual-immersion model that nurtures bilingualism, internationalism, and prepares children to become adept at navigating across cultures and languages.

Our staff, hailing from different parts of the world, consists of native speakers of the language they use with the children. Many of them hold advanced diplomas (including MA and PhD degrees). Our faculty chose to become Montessori teachers because they love children and believe that they carry with them – through their thoughts, decisions, and actions – the promise of the future. It is this passion and the joy of witnessing the children unfolding their potential that drive our staff to continue to do their best to offer a calm, orderly, and inviting environment for the children to explore. The staff is trained to use observation to monitor and respond to the children’s developmental tendencies.

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