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Pacific Rim International School offers a unique bilingual and Montessori-based curriculum. Our goal is to prepare students to thrive as citizens of the world wide community. This international and multicultural orientation structures all of our programs and forms the basis of our pedagogical approach at all grade levels.

We accept applications year-round.

Our mixed-age classes encourage open collaboration between students; by interacting daily with others of varied ages, students cultivate respect and a sense of responsibility toward one another. Native speakers of Mandarin and of Japanese are an integral part of our teaching staff and play a key role in our immersion programs. PRINTS accepts students of all background and is committed to work with parent to maximize student potential.


Admission Process

1. Submit Application Form and Application Fee


  • The application process begins with completion of the Application Form.

  • The Application Fee is  $520 USD (I-20 fee included) for international students.

  • An application fee may be paid to PRINTS via personal check (of U.S. origin), cashier's check, cash, credit card, or direct wire in deposit. If you choose to wire money to us, please contact us for further instructions.

2. Financial Assistance


  • Financial assistance at PRINTS is available in two forms:

a. Installment Payment Plan

b. Scholarship

  • Please double-check that your application is turned in with all required materials to ensure a timely decision.

3. Interview


  • Prior to admission, students will meet with the teaching staff. The goal of the meeting is chiefly to introduce the student to the learning environment and get a closer sense of the students' daily routine. If the student is not in the country at the time of the interview, Skype or Zoom may be used instead.

4. Proof of Monetary Funds (Above $60,000 U.S dollars)


  • For International students, PRINTS requires the submission of a copy of a bank statement as evidence of the family's ability to pay for tuition.

5. Campus Visit


  • All students are required to visit the school and meet with teachers, students and staff.

  • While a visit may be challenging for international students, we would still encourage them to visit our school. However, International students may have the option to do so virtually.

Admission Decision



  • A decision regarding admission is made within 7 School Days after receipt of ALL required materials. Admission notification will be via e-mail.

  • Upon acceptance, international students should promptly initiate the I-20 process (see section on I-20 process for more information). Once PRINTS receives a copy of the student's current I-20 and of a valid U.S. visa (if applicable), the school will issue an Enrollment Agreement to be signed electronically.

  • Students may be asked to take math, English, or other subject placement tests upon arrival at school as a way for teachers to be of optimal assistance to the student as s/he begins his/her learning journey at PRINTS.

Tuition and Fees

1. Application Fee


  •  $520 USD (Non-refundable)

2. Tuition


  • Tuition varies depending on the program and campus location.

3. Insurance

  • $500-700 / per year.

  • Students may purchase their own health insurance; if help is needed to find a suitable insurance policy, PRINTS will be happy to provide suggestions. All students are required to have health insurance covering them in the United States.

4. Books & Other Fees


  •  Approximately $500 per year.

I-20 Process

  • Our admission application provides all the information necessary to process an international student's I-20. On occasions, additional information may be required; parents will be promptly notified if that is the case.

  • Upon official admission, PRINTS will make every effort to process the student's I-20 within 1-2 weeks. A hard copy of the I-20 will be mailed to the family; its receipt can be expected within an additional 1-3 weeks. The fee for obtaining a student's I-20 is covered by part of the application fee.

  • An I-20 and I-20 fee receipt will enable the student to proceed to schedule a visa appointment with the local U.S. Consulate.

Contact Admissions

For more information about admissions to PRINTS, please feel free to contact us about:

  • Processing applications and required documents from new students​

  • Answering questions from prospective parents/students​

  • Scheduling an orientation tour

Admission Process
Admission Decision
Tuition & Fees
I-20 Process
Contact Admissions
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