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Thank you for your interest in the Pacific Rim International School Upper School Program in San Mateo, CA!

In the Upper School, we accept students at the beginning of each academic year, but will consider mid-year applications under special circumstances. Contact us for more information.

International applicants should refer to the International Student page before beginning the application process.

To begin your application, follow the Upper School admission procedure as stated below:

EK Application Process.JPG

Upper School Admission Procedure

1. Submit Upper School Application Forms and Application Fee

  • The application process begins with completion of the Upper School Preliminary Application Form

    • Student Information

    • Family Information

    • International Student Information (if applicable)

  • Download the Application Checklist from the preliminary application.

    • All documents listed in the Application Checklist must be submitted before the application can be processed.

  • Once PRINTS has received your preliminary application, a parent account on Transparent Classroom will be created and shared with you.

  • The parent account will give you access to the following Supplemental Forms:

    • Student Questionnaire -- completed by the applicant (within the parent account)

    • Parent/Guardian Questionnaire -- completed by parents/guardians of the applicant

    • Applicant Supporting Documents​​


  • Submit a non-refundable Application Fee of $105 USD*.

    • An application fee may be paid to PRINTS via personal check (of U.S. origin), cashier's check, cash, credit card, or direct wire in deposit. If you choose to wire money to us, please contact: for further instructions.


*Please note that International Student Applicants have an Application Fee of $520 USD.

2. Teacher Recommendation: Upper School Applicant Assessment Form


  • The "Upper School Applicant Assessment Form" should be used to obtain a recommendation from one or more teachers or counselors at the student’s current school.

  • The teacher(s) should be provided with the fillable PDF, submission guidelines, and other contact information.

  • The form is to be directly submitted to PRINTS from the student's current school.

    • PRINTS will only recognize assessment forms submitted via an academic institutional email address.​

    • Upper School Applicant Assessment Forms can be submitted via email at:

3. School Transcripts and Test Scores


  • Transcript must be original and issued by an academic institution in English.

    • Submission of a foreign transcript in another language must be accompanied by a notarized English translation.

    • Each transcript should indicate years of attendance, subjects studied and the grade earned in each subject.

  • Applicants for the last year of the Junior High program (9th grade) or High School program (10th-12th grade) are required to submit original/official SSAT or ISEE test scores.

  • School Transcripts and Test Scores can be submitted in the Applicant Supporting Documents form on Transparent Classroom.

3. Financial Assistance


  • Financial assistance at PRINTS is available in two forms:

a. Installment Payment Plan

b. Scholarship

  • Please double-check that your application is turned in with all required materials to ensure a timely decision.

4. Interview


  • Upon receipt of all the requested application materials as outlined above, the Admissions Office will schedule an interview for the prospective student and his/her family with members of the Upper School faculty. All documents listed in the Application Checklist must be submitted before the application can be processed.

5. Campus Visit


  • All students are required to visit the school and meet with teachers, students and staff.

  • While a visit may be challenging for international students, we would still encourage them to visit our school. However, International students may have the option to do so virtually.

Admission Decision



  • A decision regarding admission is made within 7 School Days after receipt of ALL required materials. Admission notification will be via e-mail.

  • Upon acceptance, the school will issue an Enrollment Agreement to be signed electronically.

  • Students may be asked to take math, English, or other subject placement tests upon arrival at school as a way for teachers to be of optimal assistance to the student as s/he begins his/her learning journey at PRINTS.

  • Enrolled students will be required to submit a copy of his/her immunization records to the Management Office.

Tuition and Fees

1. Application Fee (Non-refundable)


  • $105 USD (For U.S. Applicants)

  • $520 USD (For International Applicants)

2. Tuition


  • Tuition varies depending on the program.

3. Books & Other Fees


  •  Approximately $500 per year.

Contact Admissions

For more information about admissions to PRINTS, please feel free to contact us about:

  • Processing applications and required documents from new students​

  • Answering questions from prospective parents/students​

  • Scheduling an orientation tour

Application Form and Fee
Teacher Recommendation
School Transcrits & Test Scores
Financial Assistance
Campus Visit
Admission Decision
Tuition & Fees
Contact Admissions
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